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Struggling With Bladder and Bowel Health in Roseburg, OR? A Message from Dr. Mallow Stroup

Are you grappling with ongoing bloating and constipation despite using various over-the-counter remedies? Have traditional methods like rest and medication failed to bring you relief, leaving you to wonder if these issues are worsening over time? Or are you avoiding physical activities due to leakage concerns, impacting your daily life and wellbeing? If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of these, OrMobility Physical Therapy & Performance is here to help.

At OrMobility, we understand that many people in Roseburg, OR, unnecessarily endure bladder and bowel issues due to common misconceptions:

However, the truth is:

Our Mission at OrMobility: Empowering Active Adults in Roseburg, OR

We aim to enable our clients to swiftly and securely return to their beloved hobbies and activities, all without relying on pain medications or resorting to surgery.

Choosing the right path for chronic constipation and urinary issues can be daunting. You might have heard various suggestions such as:

Amidst these options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the right decision.

Speak With Dr. Mallow Stroup, PT, DPT – A Bladder and Bowel Health Specialist

At OrMobility Physical Therapy & Performance, we have developed a comprehensive 3-Step Process to address your incontinence and urgency concerns and ensure lasting results.


In our healthcare system, it’s common to experience rushed appointments that leave you with more questions than answers. That’s not the case at OrMobility. We take the time to listen to your story, understanding that every person has a unique body, history, and experience with bladder and bowel issues. This initial conversation allows us to deeply understand not just your physical condition but its impact on your life.


Many receive a diagnosis or medical label for their conditions, such as Stress Incontinence or Urge Incontinence, and are offered standard solutions like rest, medication, or Kegels. However, these often fail to address the underlying cause of the problem. At OrMobility, we focus on identifying the root cause of your symptoms, ensuring that we not only alleviate them but also prevent their recurrence.


This phase is where transformation occurs. We develop a personalized plan that enables you to:

We’re dedicated to helping those motivated to regain an active, unrestricted lifestyle.

Interested in Our Services?

If you’re considering taking the next step with us, we’re here to provide the information you need about our services and costs

At OrMobility Physical Therapy & Performance, we believe in finding lasting solutions, not just temporary fixes.


Dr. Mallow Stroup, PT, DPT

Founder of OrMobility Physical Therapy & Performance, Roseburg, OR

What People Say About
OrMobility Physical Therapy & Performance

I was diagnosed with vertigo when I was admitted to the hospital. After seeing my primary physician he recommended physical therapy and referred me to a facility in Roseburg. Before I made the appointment I was informed there was a physical therapist that would make house calls. I asked my primary doctor to please give him my name. Garrett Stroup called me the same day and made an appointment for the next day. He was at my home prompt the next morning. Was very informative regarding what he could do for me. After two sessions with him I am no longer having the dizziness that comes with vertigo. I highly recommend Dr. Garrett Stroup if you want to have therapy.

- BCorrine M.

Garrett has been very knowledgeable in helping with the popping in my jaw. I did not realize you could have physical therapy exercises for TMJ issues. He is also helping me with tennis elbow. He comes to my home and I find it beneficial that I don't need to wait in a waiting area or wonder how to do the exercises when I get home. He shows me how to best do the exercises using what I have in my home, (chairs, table, weights etc). He is knowledgeable yet able to explain in a "down to earth" away what is causing the pain and how I need to do the exercises. He also follows up with a personalized online program that explains my specific exercises which ensures that I am successful in completing them. Thanks Garrett!

- Shelly P.

I injured my knee and reached out hoping I could get on track towards recovery right away. I got a reply immediately and was set up with an appointment. During the appointments, Dr Stroup was very professional, knowledgeable, and invested in my personal case and injury history. Having the appointments at home was extremely convenient as we have a busy life with our kids and work schedules.

- Derek S.

I find OrMobility Physical Therapy & Performance to be unique and effective. They get results. Dr. Stroup offers personalized Physical Therapy. He evaluates your situation then designs a program to address the issues that reduce your ability to perform daily living tasks. He is always mindful of your limitations, abilities and goals with a positive approach and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend OrMobility Physical Therapy & Performance and Dr. Stroup.

- Marie D.

Garret is extremely knowledgeable, caring, and thorough. Not to mention a great personality would be an oversight. I highly recommend him. His assessments are spot on. I have no doubt that his plan of recovery will get me where I want to be.

- Kathleen S.

I recently completed several Physical Therapy sessions with Garrett Stroup of OrMobility Physical Therapy & Performance due to my difficulty walking and pain throughout my leg. Initially it was difficult for me to re-learn to use the appropriate muscles and to stop using weaker ones to compensate. My leg is now pain-free and my gait is much improved, and, more importantly, I am much safer when walking. I no longer must use assorted ice packs every evening and surprisingly my restless leg syndrome symptoms have almost disappeared. I benefited so much from my therapy sessions and I would not hesitate to to recommend Garrett to anyone looking for a good physical therapist.

- Barbara T.

My husband was in an automobile accident that has left him a quadriplegic. Arriving back home in Roseburg after 3 months in the hospital and inpatient rehab, we were greatly concerned about how we were going to continue the physical therapy he would need. Garrett has been an answer to prayer! We have been impressed with his knowledge of the issues that come with spinal cord injuries and also his willingness to work around our schedule and develop a plan that is specific to my husband’s needs and goals. He is very professional, safety conscious and kind. We highly recommend him!

- Kristin Y.

We have been using OrMobility Physical Therapy & Performance since January as my husband recently had 2 knee replacements. Garrett has been invaluable in my husband’s recovery and rehabilitation. Garrett provides a level of service and caring that exceeds standard care. He has genuinely cared that we have the best outcome. Garrett is always prompt for our scheduled appointments and is always professional. We highly recommend OrMobility Physical Therapy & Performance. Truly a 5 star business.

- Melody H.

Garrett has been a colleague of mine for years. He’s an excellent PT and passionate about what he does. If you have pain or dysfunction, he’s your guy.

- Alex P.

Garrett is an exceptional therapist that has a good grasp on how to not only relieve pain but to also return you to function. As a colleague I have found him to be an amazing therapist and recommend him wholeheartedly. He will get you to where you want to be so you can get back to living they way you want to live.

- Stephen O.
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