Access the Patient Portal by Clicking the "Patient Portal" Button Below!

How do I create a profile in the Patient Portal?

During our discovery call, we will ask for your email address. With this email address, we will create your profile. However, you will still need to create a password and a security question by clicking "need help logging in."

How do I complete my intake form?

After you created your password, you can access the intake form by checking your email for a link to the intake form. You can also go to your Patient Portal, click the documents tab, and select intake form.

How do I access superbills?

Within your Patient Portal, you will a "Payments" tab. This is where you will access the superbill after each subsequent session.

How do I access my Home Exercise Program (HEP)?

In your Patient Portal, you can select the HEP tab to access your calendar of exercises so you can stay on top of your program each day!

How do I access my calendar for future appointments?

Within the Patient Portal, you can access all of your scheduled appointments within that month.
Dr. Garrett Stroup. Physical Therapist in Roseburg Area.
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